+Shelter til heste og andre udegående dyr, giver ly og læ året rundt

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+Shelter til udegående dyr
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E-mail: Info@staldplus.dk
Tlf. 2368 2664

+Shelter to The Skandinavian Countries
Sweeden, Norway, Finland
If you prefer a solution that benefit you and your horses, you
would do well to choose +Shelter from Stald Plus Denmark.
+Shelter is light and pleasant shelter for the horse,
and allows outdoor living horses at all seasons.
+Shelter gives you the possibility for choosing direction of shelter, and change direction very easy.
+Shelter makes feeding and cleaning, easy and enjoyable.
+Shelter increase outdoor life and welfare for your horses.
+Shelter Easy and fast to set up almost any place in nature.
Delivery Skandinavian Countries
Sverige/Norge/Suomi /Danmark
We’ll be happy to help you
Please contact us for price including delivery for your country.
+45 2368 2664
Email: info@StaldPlus.dk